At Tilda Irish Pub, you can not only spend a pleasant evening with friends over a glass of excellent Irish beer but also have a tasty and satisfying meal at lunchtime.

Located in the center of Brooklin among numerous offices, administrative and educational organizations, and sharing the desire of businesspeople in a healthful and wholesome diet, we are always ready to offer our visitors various business lunches.

From the dishes presented in our menu, following your preferences, you can easily choose the first, second dishes and salad, as well as choose a drink at a special price. Such a comprehensive lunch is available for order on any weekday from 13:00 to 16:00.

Lunch in the pleasant atmosphere prevailing at the Tilda Irish Pub, well-coordinated work of the staff, the original European menu will cheer you up and restore energy.

Seven days a week, our doors are open for you not only at lunchtime but also in the evening.